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Closed “Duct Guardian” Beta Testing

Few days ago, our enthusiastic group went out in the wilderness for “Duct Guardian”
Software tryout.
One of the most renowned ventilation fitting manufacturer from Croatia “borrowed”
us CNC Plasma machine for an hour and results were exceptional for Beta product. (not that we were surprised)
Not a single “Bug” was spotted nor any crush-downs were present during Automatic and Manual
nesting operations; so from next week Beta will be presented to engineers worldwide. (fingers crossed)
On the pictures below we can see how CNC Plasma machine is cutting through 0.6mm metal sheet
with ease and extreme precision.
More updates will be available soon – inquiries about Beta launching, custom made plug-ins, prices
or anything related to product contact us  through contact form!



Efficiency of Automatic Nesting Preparation

In previous entry we explained of how big importance is Nesting option for companies that are focused
on :
– Time Saving
– Material Saving
– Precision
– Reliability of Software

Automatic Nesting preparation does not wary much from Manual Nesting ; but, there is one
significant improvement in this function – it is completely Automatic.
But what does this mean and is it really worth of switching ?
Yes, yes and absolutely yes !
It means that CNC machine operator is obliged only to press Start button at the beginning of cutting
operation, after that our “DG Nest Pro” Module will complete the whole process of Translation,
Rotation, Mirroring and Marking itself.
Still, this does not exclude Manual nesting from usage – the design process is completely under
operators control as he can switch back and forward between manual and automatic modes if his
experience and judgment are suggesting that some parts on the virtual table must be moved in a
different way.

Main technical advantages of Automatic Nesting :
– Combined cutting
– X-shape and V-shape edge split
– Cutting entry point
– Connectors on demand
– Optimal patterning of sheets without quality degradation

Here are few screenshots of Automatic Nesting in Action :




‘Duct Guardian’ – New Package Design !

Tangenta Ltd’s associate and professional 2D & 3D Designer Ante Susnjar created blistering new package for Duct Guardian Software.


This extremely cool package will be available for users and companies who are obliged to have original version in their offices or just love the feeling of software box under their fingers.
Duct Guardian is currently in Beta testing phase and final interface Make-Over , but our efforts should materialize in September with DEMO version available on our web site for tryout.
Potential buyers and interested parties are free to comment on our blog section and suggest what their businesses needs and expect most from CNC/CAD Softwares.
Your opinions are very important to us due to future development projects and custom made plug-ins !


Duct Guardian´s “Radius Offset” Fitting

For third post, Tangenta-Software will present you another fitting from Duct Guardian
“fitting palette”, and yes – this one will also be short and not understandable at all.

Funny thoughts aside – “Radius Offset” fitting is actually very interesting to engineers and CNC operators
due to his mathematical complexity and usability in various construction scenarios where random objects
are standing in a way of finishing the ventilation channel.

Mathematical complexity that we mentioned is consisted of combining prolonged connectors or different
angles and as every advanced feature – this one enables easier fitting manipulation and ventilation

Preview and fitting adjustments will be operated in OpenGL and for now we will mention this
two features :

– Preview of length, height and width in every possible combination
– Preview of “Outflank height” which is the most important characteristic of this fitting

Here are few screenshots of  “Radius Offset” in action :


How does ‘Duct Guardian’ help CNC Machine operator with ‘Rect Transition’ and ‘Square to Round’ fittings ?

How is ‘Duct Guardian’ helping CNC Machine operator with Rect Transition and Square to Round fittings?

In practice and by that means we think on terrain(field) work, contractor or operator usually have two options of fitting positioning.

First option is measurement from the border of fitting base which is located on wall side to the edge of the circle on wall side – but also there are cases where project demands different approach so they are measuring from the center of fitting base to the center of the top rectangle or circle.

Duct Guardian offers to it’s user both entry methods with simple point and click navigation and afterwards automatically calculates distance of opposite entry.

This option hugely shortens time of manual calculations and reducing calculation risk providing help to CNC machine operator in handling terrain requests in a more effective and productive way.

Here is picture example of text above :