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HVAC ventilation fittings easy creator



  DG Nest Pro  True Shape Automatic Nesting Software

Stand alone application, easy for install and without additional costs or maintenance fee!
With SheetCAM software for plasma, laser, waterjet and oxy-fuel cutting machines
support approx. 180 post processors (G-code dialects)!

   Price:  $ 1,180 USD





















 DG Nest (hobby)

 Price $50



Ideal for set of smaller and bigger parts!

DGNest – Hobby is suitable for hobbyists and small start-up companies. It inherits basic functionality of DGNestPro except nesting algorithm. If you have mix of smaller and larger parts this software can produce 60-80% of utilization.





Duct Guardian

is HVAC ventilation duct and fittings creator. Easy to install, easy to use.

Price $350

















See more on Ductwork&Nesting and Blog pages!

You can purchase separately this three products (all prices exclude VAT):



“SheetCAM”               £130 GBP

“SheetCAM/DG Nest Pro plugin”   $50 USD

    “DG Nest” – Hobby   $50 USD

“DG Nest+”      (in developing)

“Duct Guardian”        $350 USD    12 fittings free!

“DG Shapes”      (in developing)    basic set of parts is free!

PayPal option is available for online purchase (see Download), more details about products available through direct inquiry (contact us form).


Hardware Requirements for “Duct Guardian” , “DG Nest Pro”, “DG Nest+”, “DG Nest” “DG Shapes” and “SheetCAM”:

  • Intel or AMD processor
  • RAM Memory: 1GB minimum
  • Screen Resolution 17″ 1024 × 768 for Optimal Performance
  • Stable Internet Connection for Maintenance and Support

 OS Requirements

  • Windows® 10
  • Windows® 8
  • Windows® 7
  • Windows® XP


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