DG Nest

DG Nest is a stand alone desktop application! Easy to install and easy to use!
DG Nest is ideal for set of smaller and bigger parts!
DG Nest is suitable for schools, hobbyists and small start-up companies. If you have mix of smaller and larger parts this software can produce up to 95% of utilization.

– True Shape Automatic Nesting, Manual Nesting, Partial Nesting (Triangular, Rectangular, Complex mix, Beam layout)
– Irregular sheet nesting
– 2D DXF Viewer (DXF import/export, joined contours in order, joined lines, cutting order preview)
– 2D .NC, NC1 DSTV Viewer (Beams Rotary Plasma NC1 to DXF Layout Support)
– Auto Adjustment Parts Function (manual nesting), Cut Larger Parts option, Scale parts, Force reducing points, Chain clusters, Simple tool-path

Nesting is a process, it does not matter how elegant, the end result is what only matters – the best possible utilisation. In most cases DG Nest can make high utilisation with an automatic nesting function at once.
You can achieve the best results if you combine nesting types, you can start with ‘Complex mix’ type of nesting and finish with ‘Rectangular’ and vice versa. You can do partial nesting, removing the parts (which need to be better arranged) out of table by multi select rectangle inside of the sheet, you can use the auto-adjustment functions any time during the nesting process, manually adjusting some critical parts, then continue nesting with the Autonest -> ‘Nest remains’ or ‘Nest right half’ functions. Save current nesting and try to make an even better one if you have enough time.

For the best nesting results use these parameters in Settings: 90° degree rotation, Inverse/Mirror, CPU Boost!

Please watch these videos for better understanding:

Duct Guardian

HVAC ventilation duct and fittings creator. Stand alone desktop application, easy to install, easy to use!



DG Nest     €120.00

SheetCAM   £110.00 GBP

Duct Guardian      €150.00    12 fittings free!

PayPal option is available for online purchase (see Download), more details about products available through direct inquiry (contact us form).

 OS Requirements

  • Windows® 10
  • Windows® 8
  • Windows® 7
  • Windows® XP

‘DG Nest’ and ‘Duct Guardian’ do not need internet connection!

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