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About me

Tangenta Software is here to develop parametric (sheet based) software solutions in CAD/CNC industry

We currently developing parametric CAD software named DG Shapes specialized for metal fabrication industry.
Main function of DG Shapes is creation of beams connection parts, flanges etc.
User can order own designed, custom parts.
Also DG Nest+ is in developing (the first stable version is available from today 30.04.2020) it is true shape automatic nesting software.
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My software lab is my room, laptop and me (after my regular job). I have a passion to be independent and work what I like to do, in time when I feel inspired to do. I am proud to develop my own software products at an affordable prices, this makes me happy.

I believe, the sheet is like life and we are like all kind of shapes and God runs the algorithm.

—————————————————————————————————————-Adam Cirkic