I already wrote about ‘DG Nest Pro’ scrap nesting feature but these days a new SheetCAM project named
Scanything inspired me to add a new feature into ‘DG Nest Pro’ which is a variation on a theme.
The first idea how to increase material utilization it was to remember material edges and (inside holes)
after nesting/cutting, and save scrap geometry into database (also save the physical scrap material into
the stock).
When fabricator has many small parts he can use this scrap sheet from the stockroom, put on table, open
virtual scrap sheet in ‘DG Nest Pro’ with the corresponding ID (from database) and do nesting on it.
It was a case where we know exactly what we currently cut, but what can we do when we have not saved
the geometry in ‘DG Nest Pro’?
There is two scenarios. The first one is case if we have saved dxf layout of some part somewhere in
computer, we can open that dxf file, save it as a scrap irregular sheet into database, open and nest
smaller parts over it, and that is a new feature in ‘DG Nest Pro’.
Unused irregular parts in stock can be used as irregular sheets, saved via corresponding dxf into
irregular sheets database, after saving dxf’s geometry we can open scrap sheets and do single or
The second scenario is more acceptable, fabricator can simple put part on cut table, do scan of part
contours via SheetCAM Scanything module, save as dxf file, open this dxf and save as irregular sheet
in ‘DG Nest Pro’.

Now the fabricator can easily nest on every possible irregular shape in stock:

Duct Guardian - Grille (plenum) Box fitting
Radius Elbow - reduced height & depth

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