How to order/purchase software

  • You do not need activation for TRIAL version of ‘DG Nest’ software!
    Trial version is limited to 50 program runs. Automatic nesting function is unlimited until the end of the trial period. Manual nesting functionality is free.

  • When you are ready (you have tried trial version and understand how it works) to buy ‘DG Nest’ contact me at:
  • Copy & paste your Registration ID number and send to me by e-mail:
  • You do not need this number to activate TRIAL version, it is just for purchasing purpose. You can find this number as image shows below:

If you have a problem with download or installation check your antivirus, firewall or browser security settings, if they are too restrictive that can cause a problems.
Always run installation Setup.exe from Windows ‘Downloads’ folder. When you run DGNest_Setup.exe Windows warning message appear about ‘Unknown publisher’, on the bottom you have “More info”-> Run anyway.
If you want to know more about “Unknown publisher” you can find explanation here:

image used as example

DG Nest

Is suitable for hobbyists, schools and small start-up companies. If you have mix of smaller and larger parts this software can produce up to 95% of utilization.

– True Shape Automatic Nesting, Manual Nesting, Partial Nesting (Triangular, Rectangular, Complex mix, Beam layout)
– 2D DXF Viewer (DXF import/export, joined contours in order, joined lines, cutting order preview)
– 2D .NC, NC1 DSTV Viewer (Beams Rotary Plasma NC1 to DXF Layout Support)
– Auto Adjustment Parts Function (manual nesting), Cut Larger Parts option, Scale parts, Force reducing points, Chain clusters, Simple tool-path


You can download dxf sample files:

OS Requirements

  • Windows® 10
  • Windows® 8
  • Windows® 7
  • Windows® XP

Hardware requirements

  • CPU min. 2.5 GHz

‘DG Nest’ does not need internet connection!

Duct Guardian – easy and fast ventilation fittings creator


– one piece layout calculation

– limited bend position markers

– database sample

– 12 fittings free!




OS Requirements

  • Windows® 10
  • Windows® 8
  • Windows® 7
  • Windows® XP

‘Duct Guardian’ does not need internet connection!


Duct Guardian / DG Nest are tested and certified by