For third post, Tangenta-Software will present you another fitting from Duct Guardian
“fitting palette”, and yes – this one will also be short and not understandable at all.

Funny thoughts aside – “Radius Offset” fitting is actually very interesting to engineers and CNC operators
due to his mathematical complexity and usability in various construction scenarios where random objects
are standing in a way of finishing the ventilation channel.

Mathematical complexity that we mentioned is consisted of combining prolonged connectors or different
angles and as every advanced feature – this one enables easier fitting manipulation and ventilation

Preview and fitting adjustments will be operated in OpenGL and for now we will mention this
two features :

– Preview of length, height and width in every possible combination
– Preview of “Outflank height” which is the most important characteristic of this fitting

Here are few screenshots of  “Radius Offset” in action :


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