In previous entry we explained of how big importance is Nesting option for companies that are focused
on :
– Time Saving
– Material Saving
– Precision
– Reliability of Software

Automatic Nesting preparation does not wary much from Manual Nesting ; but, there is one
significant improvement in this function – it is completely Automatic.
But what does this mean and is it really worth of switching ?
Yes, yes and absolutely yes !
It means that CNC machine operator is obliged only to press Start button at the beginning of cutting
operation, after that our “DG Nest Pro” Module will complete the whole process of Translation,
Rotation, Mirroring and Marking itself.
Still, this does not exclude Manual nesting from usage – the design process is completely under
operators control as he can switch back and forward between manual and automatic modes if his
experience and judgment are suggesting that some parts on the virtual table must be moved in a
different way.

Main technical advantages of Automatic Nesting :
– Combined cutting
– X-shape and V-shape edge split
– Cutting entry point
– Connectors on demand
– Optimal patterning of sheets without quality degradation

Here are few screenshots of Automatic Nesting in Action :




'Duct Guardian' - New Package Design !
Closed "Duct Guardian" Beta Testing

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