How is ‘Duct Guardian’ helping CNC Machine operator with Rect Transition and Square to Round fittings?

In practice and by that means we think on terrain(field) work, contractor or operator usually have two options of fitting positioning.

First option is measurement from the border of fitting base which is located on wall side to the edge of the circle on wall side – but also there are cases where project demands different approach so they are measuring from the center of fitting base to the center of the top rectangle or circle.

Duct Guardian offers to it’s user both entry methods with simple point and click navigation and afterwards automatically calculates distance of opposite entry.

This option hugely shortens time of manual calculations and reducing calculation risk providing help to CNC machine operator in handling terrain requests in a more effective and productive way.

Here is picture example of text above :




Duct Guardian´s "Radius Offset" Fitting

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